Auctions, Foreclosures & Executions

Secured debts are tied to an asset that becomes collateral. A house, for example is collateral for a mortgage. A car is collateral for a car loan. Dealing with secured debt is relatively easier for there is always a security to attach. In the event of default, the creditor will instruct a licensed firm or personnel to repossess, advertise and auction the asset to offset the debt.

CADS and its personnel are fully licensed to carry out and oversee auctions for mortgaged, distressed and boarded off assets for both public and private institutions. Our field operations experience, marketing network and connections within the legal and security bodies’ fraternity gives us an edge in the market for risk free foreclosures and executions. 

About us
CADS is a specialized Credit and Debt Solutions Agency, Our duty is to take on the burden of collecting your unpaid receivables as you concentrate on customer service and growing sales

Mission: Offering the most timely, dependable and segmented third party response to debt management needs within the financial and corporate business.