Unsecured Debt Collections

Unsecured debt collection has never been an easy task. When dealing with debts that are not secured, there is no possibility of repossessed assets offsetting a liability. However, creditors will still have legal rights and recovery options. Unsecured debts are best managed by specialized debt collection agencies. CADS team is well trained and equipped with practical negotiation skills. The debtor is engaged for a specified period within which he is encouraged to clear off his liability or better still follow an acceptable regular payment plan. On the expiry of such a period, if the debtor has not co-operated or fulfilled his or her commitment, the creditor through the agency can still pursue other options including but not limited to prosecuting the debtor in the courts of law.

About us
CADS is a specialized Credit and Debt Solutions Agency, Our duty is to take on the burden of collecting your unpaid receivables as you concentrate on customer service and growing sales

Mission: Offering the most timely, dependable and segmented third party response to debt management needs within the financial and corporate business.